Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

One Week Until Vermont City Marathon!!!!

I must say that I am super excited for next weekend! This will be my second marathon, and I feel pretty lucky to be running it in such a beautiful state! My parents also live in Vermont so they will be able to come check out the race as well.

This training plan seemed to go pretty well. I have had some aches and pains but no real injury so I am very pleased with that! I am going for under 5 hours for this marathon, and I am confident that is within reach! Right now it looks like perfect weather too, so les hope it stays that way!

I will be traveling alone to this race and am looking forward to all the activities VCM has to offer. There will be the expo which is filled with events, including yoga on Saturday, and lots of speakers. Then, there will be a lovely pasta dinner on Saturday evening. Sunday is race day and the start is at 8am. I have mixed feelings on an 8am start. It seems kind of late but I love the prospect of sleeping past 4am on a race day! Sunday night and Monday will be spent with family to round out a lovely weekend.

However this race goes, I am looking forward to some fun times up north!!

Have a great week!!!

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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

So, here we all are bright and early for the 10 miler!!!

We definitely thought and hoped it would be a little bit warmer out! The race was set up pretty well, with lots of port-o-potties and it wasn’t hard to find anything. We started out on-time and after a couple miles we started warming up!

This is the early morning view over the capital!
Not far into the race we got to see the elite runners coming back on the other side of the road and they all looked fantastic! We were all amazed at how fast they were going.
There were plenty of water stops and a lot of really nice waterfront scenery. The only downside was that not as many cherry blossoms were out as were forecasted for that day, but we saw some anyhow!

Overall, the race was a blast. This was the first race I have run with friends and we really enjoyed it. We started off at a decent pace but slowed a lot towards the end finishing with a 1:57:18. Not bad for a fun run! I would definitely recommend doing this race if you can get in. There is a lottery to sign up for, but me and the two other girls all managed to get in! The expo was great with some nice speakers and if you couldn’t pick up there you could get your packet on race day. And of course, dc is great to run around and if you are from out of town there is always a ton of stuff to do.

I had a pretty good week of workouts this past week so I am very happy with that. Got my 16 miler in, the 10 mile race and another short run earlier in the week!!
Today and Monday were rest days to recover from my higher mileage week but tomorrow will be back at it!!


VCM 7 Weeks to go!!

So, my training has been going quite well! I did my 16 mile long run on Wednesday afternoon and managed to hold an 11:06 avg pace! Being injured for marathon one really crushed and hopes for a sub-5 hour marathon for me. I still did it and then had to take an entire month and a half off from running (depressing)! It took me around 5:40 to finish and it was very difficult. I think it ended up being around a 13 min/mile pace at the end. I am hoping the lessons I learned will pay off though and I will get a sub 5 and remain uninjured this time. So far so good!!
The excitement of this week for me is that I am running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler with two of my workout friends and am super excited. These girls are the first and only people I have done training runs with and I am really glad we will run together tomorrow. Going to the expo today and looking forward to checking out the vendors and the speakers (Bill Rodgers will be there, maybe we will become besties).
And in more exciting news there are more marathons in the works! I got into MCM!!!! Holy cow it was crazy to register!! And it looks like I will do a couple of half marathons in between with one of my friends. Having only been running for a few years I am amazed with how much I have gotten out of this community of people. It is fantastic.
Well, Sunday I will hopefully make time to check in and recap the Cherry Blossom run. We are going out mostly for fun (not racing it) and some good exercise. Ooooh, maybe I will even post some pictures. Fancy!

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2 Months to Marathon 2!!

I am 2 months away from my second marathon and I am ecstatic!!  I got in my 12 miler this past weekend and it went pretty well.  I am still a lot slower than what I want to be but I will continue speed-work and hill-work and I am sure with time get a little bit faster.  The best thing is that I am not injured! I am also being much more responsible with rest days and stretching this training cycle.  I did notice some low to middle back ache with my last couple long runs but the group from the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge gave me some great tips!!

There is the info if anyone is interested, this group has been really great for motivation!  So, looks like I will be doing some new exercises and some extra yoga classes starting with some of those back exercises before boxing tonight! 

After my run on Sunday, I added in a 3/4 mile cool down walk and a yoga session.  I have been into “Yoga for Runners” lately.  It is on demand through my verizon cable package.  Then last night I did a 30 minute Beginner Flexibility yoga class that is on the app “Yoga Studio”.  (I recommend that one too)  The hour long Intermediate Flexibility is wonderful and I really noticed an increase in my flexibility since I have been doing it.

Today is 60 minutes of boxing and then going to do a 5K on the treadmill afterwards.  All-and-all this week has started off quite well for workouts.  I have alot more running planned with a couple friends (14 on Thursday) so it should be a fun time. 

Family is coming into town this weekend so I am adjusting my long run schedule a bit to accomidate but I will keep the updates coming!



VCM Training

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!  I am feeling much better and thought I would post in a quick training update.  So, I got in 5 miles on Monday and hope to get in around the same tonight.  It depend on how much time I am left with at the end of my workday :).

I was very luck in that last week was a low mileage week so I don’t feel as if I missed out on too much!  And, hopefully that will be my one and only sick time up to the marathon.  I have a 12 miler scheduled for this weekend that I am really excited about.  I am hoping to pick up the pace for this one a bit, my last long run stayed in the mid-11’s so if I can get to low-11’s or high 10’s that would be great.

I stopped blogging for awhile so I never really got to how my first marathon went!  I ran the Phillidelphia Marathon in November and it was a great marathon.  The people and support were wonderful and it was a really great course with both city views and a long run by a river.  I was unfortunately suffering from my first injury for the month-and-a-half leading up to the race mostly due to not taking days off when I needed them.  Anyhow, I ended up with a 5:40 time and really hope to better that and NOT GET INJURED this next one.  The latter being the most important!!!! 

I have heard that Vermont City is a blast and I can only image that it is a beautiful course.  I can’t wait to run my second marathon.  So, I have been adding in hills and speed-work and I really hope that helps with my finish time. I’ve also been getting plenty of cross-training and have kept a pretty good focus on stretching and yoga. 

The other excitement I have coming up is the Cherry Blossom 10 miler with a couple of my friends.  It should be a fun race and it looks like the Cherry Blossom’s might arrive just in time for some very flowery running scenery.

That’s all for today, some boxing and running tonight and I will feel like a champion, lol.

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Week 2 SBBC Challenge Roundup

Well, week 2 was a bit of a bust since I spent more than half of it sick!! Here is my overview:
Monday 3/11/13: 2 mile run, 60 minutes of boxing/cardio/strength got in all freggies/water
Tuesday 3/12/13: WOW week 2, got in all freggies water
Wednesday 3/13/13: 50 minute pole fitness, got in all freggies and water
Thursday 3/14/13: freggies and water
Friday 3/15/13: no goals met
Saturday 3/16/13: freggies and water
Sunday 3/17/17: freggies and water

I started to feel ill on Tuesday and by Thursday I was staying home from work. I barely made it through my class on Wednesday and completely skipped my run. Lucky for me that this is a low mileage week in my marathon training cycle! (Though by low mileage I don't think they meant 2 miles) Good news is I am on the road to recovery and am thinking I will be able to jump into an aggressive training week. After all, only a couple months until the VErmont City Marathon!!!
Have a great week!



So, I have started the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge and figured I would do some blogging to make accountability a little easier!
I have started training for my second FULL marathon and am super excited. I wanted an extra motivation for the marathon training as well as some support in losing 10 lbs and feeling good for summer!
<a href="http://Spring Challenge“><a
Above is a link to the challenge!
So,in the challenge you get points for drinking 64oz of water a day, eating between 7-9 servings of freggies every day and exercise (1 pt per 10 min). Plus, there is all sorts of support and group calls and training advice!
So far this has been a pretty slow workout week. This past Saturday was my 9 mile long run and I was pretty sore so I have been sticking to yoga and foam rolling. The challenge started Monday and I got an hour of yoga in that night and today is looking bright. I have gotten my freggies in on both Mon and Tues and already got in a serving at breakfast today. Planning a run and some strength training today since I am feeling pretty well recovered from the long run.
I have a ton of updates since I haven't posted in so long but for now I will keep it short!
Enjoy Wednesday!

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A Whole Week of Stuff!!!

Wow, it has been over a week since I have blogged it up!!!  Sooo, last weekend I did workouts as planned.  Saturday was 6 mile speedwork.  It was a ton of fun and I got in some pretty fast miles.  Then, on Sunday was a nice slow 3 mile run.  It was a good shakeout.  I then proceeded to not run until Thursday.  It was a low mileage week for me anyhow but I still have to give that an “oops”.  I did manage to get some workouts in though so I will tell you all about those:

Monday – Vinyasa Yoga, Tuesday – Nothing, Wednesday – Pilates, Thursday – Spinning, Friday – Pilates Yoga Fusion.  I also restarted my “100 pushups” workout, so I redid the initial test and day 2 of it was actually today.  Day one was on Thursday.

So, my runs were on Thursday and Friday.  Thursdays planned run was 5 miles and as my stomach got progressively more angry with me I ended up cutting short at 3.17 miles and then walking it up for .8 miles.  I was disappointed but I knew my stomach was acting up earlier and I probably should have taken something for it when I first noticed.  Oh well.  Friday I did about 3 miles and 1.5 of them was in 13:00flat.  That is an 8:40 mile/min pace for anyone paying attention.  I did the 1.5 mile military trial on the treadmill.  The other 1.5 miles was at about 11 min/mile pace so more in my usual slow run pace.  I always get excited about speeding it up a little bit and it gives me such a runners high afterwards.

Now today is a rest day from running only because tomorrow is a race day!!!  Woo-hoo!!  I am super excited and have some green stuff ready to go in the St. Patrick’s day spirit!!  I am really hoping to finish in under 50 minutes but we shall see how it goes.  It looks like it is going to be pretty chilly so maybe that will make me go faster, lol.  Even though today is a rest day from the run I did do day 2 of my pushups workout and then did a super ab workout that came in an app on my phone.  I plan on doing a recovery workout and stretch and roll stick later to get all the kinks out for tomorrow.

Well, no photos today but hopefully I will get some good ones from the racetime fun in tomorrow!

Happy weekend!!!


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Friday Fun!!

Well, it is another beautiful day in the DC area!!! 

So, yesterday, I had an awesome spinning class!  Super fun!  And then I followed up with a nice 3 mile run.  All of it went great!!  And, I got to try out my sparkly new running skirt!  LOVE!!!


Okay, not a great photo but you get the idea.  Also, I am sooo excited about being signed up for two races that I am just giddy!!

St. Patrick's Day 8K logo  source

Next weekend!!!!  Woo-hoo!!  Ummm, I need to buy something green and awesome ASAP!!  This race looks fun and a pretty good distance for what I had planned on running that weekend anyhow.


And then this bad boy!!!

Oh yeah!  Now, this is supposed to be a warm up for my upcoming goal to kill that 2 hr 1/2 marathon mark.  Yup, I am going to go for a sub-2.  Let’s be honest though, unless I feel like hell that day I will still be trying to PR.  My last half in November was run in 2:23:59. 

092019 McDonald’s sponsoring a Half Marathon seemed really weird to me.  So, that was a pretty good improvement on my previous time at the Disney Half Marathon (my first) of 2:37:21:

image Disney is sooo much fun!!!

Oh, and I did very minimal training for Richmond.  i had just moved and while moving I completely slacked off.  And, after the Disney half I pretty much sat on the couch all winter.  So, although it seems like 2 hours is a big time jump, with the proper training, I believe I can get it done this June.  I haven’t picked out the half I am going to do yet but I am doing some looking around. 

So, I thought I would talk briefly about my goals after the sub 2 half.  My first goal after I get that sub-2 completed is to do a full marathon.  It’s pretty daunting to me but between awesome bloggers and my boyfriend (he has completed several marathons including 4 Boston (he is so speedy)) I really believe I can do it!  I want to do a sub-2 half first though.  I am hoping by building that good fast base I will be able to perform well in the full.  After the full, or maybe during the training for that I am thinking about exploring the tri.  I want to do a mini then maybe move on to bigger things.  I have been throwing around the idea of training for a big tri (Ironman before 35?) but it is still just a whisper of an idea. 


Okay, so that is pretty ambitious and pretty far away but I think it is great to have dreams and goals!!

Well, it is time for me to get ready for some pilates-yoga fusion!! LOVE!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Race Plans and Long Runs

Well, I have not posted in a few days!!  It’s been pretty busy!  So, this past weekend I took a couple days off (Sunday and Monday) from running and gave my calf some time to rest.  It  definitely helped so hopefully I won’t have continued problems with it.  I did my 12 miler on Tuesday and was super psyched to get in that long mileage!  I’ve been to a couple great classes at the gym and am headed off to spin in a few minutes.

Most importantly today I finally signed up for some races!!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!  I haven’t done a race since my half way back in November so I am super excited!!!  In case the exclamation points didn’t give it away.  First, I signed up for the St. Patrick’s Day  8K in DC.  Yup, it’s a weird distance.  But, I was scheduled to do a slow 4 mile run that day so instead I will do this 8K as quickly as possible.  Yay!!  Next, I signed up for the Park 2 Park Half Marathon in Waynesboro, VA.  When I did my race in Richmond they were giving out the most awesome t-shirts from their last half and I decided I absolutely had to run it.

So, I will have some photos from recently and other stuff after today’s workouts and whatnot’s but for now it is spin time!!!

PS I got a new running skirt and I am psyched to try it out today 🙂

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