Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

So, here we all are bright and early for the 10 miler!!!

We definitely thought and hoped it would be a little bit warmer out! The race was set up pretty well, with lots of port-o-potties and it wasn’t hard to find anything. We started out on-time and after a couple miles we started warming up!

This is the early morning view over the capital!
Not far into the race we got to see the elite runners coming back on the other side of the road and they all looked fantastic! We were all amazed at how fast they were going.
There were plenty of water stops and a lot of really nice waterfront scenery. The only downside was that not as many cherry blossoms were out as were forecasted for that day, but we saw some anyhow!

Overall, the race was a blast. This was the first race I have run with friends and we really enjoyed it. We started off at a decent pace but slowed a lot towards the end finishing with a 1:57:18. Not bad for a fun run! I would definitely recommend doing this race if you can get in. There is a lottery to sign up for, but me and the two other girls all managed to get in! The expo was great with some nice speakers and if you couldn’t pick up there you could get your packet on race day. And of course, dc is great to run around and if you are from out of town there is always a ton of stuff to do.

I had a pretty good week of workouts this past week so I am very happy with that. Got my 16 miler in, the 10 mile race and another short run earlier in the week!!
Today and Monday were rest days to recover from my higher mileage week but tomorrow will be back at it!!


VCM 7 Weeks to go!!

So, my training has been going quite well! I did my 16 mile long run on Wednesday afternoon and managed to hold an 11:06 avg pace! Being injured for marathon one really crushed and hopes for a sub-5 hour marathon for me. I still did it and then had to take an entire month and a half off from running (depressing)! It took me around 5:40 to finish and it was very difficult. I think it ended up being around a 13 min/mile pace at the end. I am hoping the lessons I learned will pay off though and I will get a sub 5 and remain uninjured this time. So far so good!!
The excitement of this week for me is that I am running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler with two of my workout friends and am super excited. These girls are the first and only people I have done training runs with and I am really glad we will run together tomorrow. Going to the expo today and looking forward to checking out the vendors and the speakers (Bill Rodgers will be there, maybe we will become besties).
And in more exciting news there are more marathons in the works! I got into MCM!!!! Holy cow it was crazy to register!! And it looks like I will do a couple of half marathons in between with one of my friends. Having only been running for a few years I am amazed with how much I have gotten out of this community of people. It is fantastic.
Well, Sunday I will hopefully make time to check in and recap the Cherry Blossom run. We are going out mostly for fun (not racing it) and some good exercise. Ooooh, maybe I will even post some pictures. Fancy!

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