Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

2 Months to Marathon 2!!

on March 26, 2013

I am 2 months away from my second marathon and I am ecstatic!!  I got in my 12 miler this past weekend and it went pretty well.  I am still a lot slower than what I want to be but I will continue speed-work and hill-work and I am sure with time get a little bit faster.  The best thing is that I am not injured! I am also being much more responsible with rest days and stretching this training cycle.  I did notice some low to middle back ache with my last couple long runs but the group from the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge gave me some great tips!!

There is the info if anyone is interested, this group has been really great for motivation!  So, looks like I will be doing some new exercises and some extra yoga classes starting with some of those back exercises before boxing tonight! 

After my run on Sunday, I added in a 3/4 mile cool down walk and a yoga session.  I have been into “Yoga for Runners” lately.  It is on demand through my verizon cable package.  Then last night I did a 30 minute Beginner Flexibility yoga class that is on the app “Yoga Studio”.  (I recommend that one too)  The hour long Intermediate Flexibility is wonderful and I really noticed an increase in my flexibility since I have been doing it.

Today is 60 minutes of boxing and then going to do a 5K on the treadmill afterwards.  All-and-all this week has started off quite well for workouts.  I have alot more running planned with a couple friends (14 on Thursday) so it should be a fun time. 

Family is coming into town this weekend so I am adjusting my long run schedule a bit to accomidate but I will keep the updates coming!



2 responses to “2 Months to Marathon 2!!

  1. hope the back is feeling better this week!! I have been doing the exercises from the wow i posted this week to help mine!

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