Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Friday Fun!!

on March 2, 2012

Well, it is another beautiful day in the DC area!!! 

So, yesterday, I had an awesome spinning class!  Super fun!  And then I followed up with a nice 3 mile run.  All of it went great!!  And, I got to try out my sparkly new running skirt!  LOVE!!!


Okay, not a great photo but you get the idea.  Also, I am sooo excited about being signed up for two races that I am just giddy!!

St. Patrick's Day 8K logo  source

Next weekend!!!!  Woo-hoo!!  Ummm, I need to buy something green and awesome ASAP!!  This race looks fun and a pretty good distance for what I had planned on running that weekend anyhow.


And then this bad boy!!!

Oh yeah!  Now, this is supposed to be a warm up for my upcoming goal to kill that 2 hr 1/2 marathon mark.  Yup, I am going to go for a sub-2.  Let’s be honest though, unless I feel like hell that day I will still be trying to PR.  My last half in November was run in 2:23:59. 

092019 McDonald’s sponsoring a Half Marathon seemed really weird to me.  So, that was a pretty good improvement on my previous time at the Disney Half Marathon (my first) of 2:37:21:

image Disney is sooo much fun!!!

Oh, and I did very minimal training for Richmond.  i had just moved and while moving I completely slacked off.  And, after the Disney half I pretty much sat on the couch all winter.  So, although it seems like 2 hours is a big time jump, with the proper training, I believe I can get it done this June.  I haven’t picked out the half I am going to do yet but I am doing some looking around. 

So, I thought I would talk briefly about my goals after the sub 2 half.  My first goal after I get that sub-2 completed is to do a full marathon.  It’s pretty daunting to me but between awesome bloggers and my boyfriend (he has completed several marathons including 4 Boston (he is so speedy)) I really believe I can do it!  I want to do a sub-2 half first though.  I am hoping by building that good fast base I will be able to perform well in the full.  After the full, or maybe during the training for that I am thinking about exploring the tri.  I want to do a mini then maybe move on to bigger things.  I have been throwing around the idea of training for a big tri (Ironman before 35?) but it is still just a whisper of an idea. 


Okay, so that is pretty ambitious and pretty far away but I think it is great to have dreams and goals!!

Well, it is time for me to get ready for some pilates-yoga fusion!! LOVE!!

Have a great weekend!!!


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