Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Long Run a day late!

on February 22, 2012

Well, I got that long run in today!  Yay, 10.26 miles in 2:01:03.  I even have the splits:

1.0 – warm up 15:07min/ml




5.0-14:40 (gu + stretch)min/ml


7.0-11:54min/ml (gu)





Negative split?  Why yes, I will take that negative split.  So, my phone was in use as my GPS and was dying around 9.6 miles and so I picked up the pace at the end in hopes it wouldn’t completely die.  The GPS died towards the end anyways but did manage to keep the time running.  Also, I WAS going to do my long run yesterday but a pesky cramp in my left calf prevented that.  It was a little better today but bothered me up until about mile 5.  After my midrun stretch it really eased up and didn’t bother me the rest of the way.  That may have something to do with the negative split.  🙂

Have a great day!!


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