Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Spinning Fun!

on February 17, 2012

So, yesterday I tried out a 45 min spin class at the gym and loved it!  It was so much different than what I was used to.  I don’t spend much time on a bike but I keep throwing around the idea that I may want to do a triathalon one of these days so getting in some biking workouts sure can’t hurt.  I loved the low impact part of it as well.  I’m so used to the high impact of running that it was a strange feeling to be getting that cardio and leg workout without the  impact.  So, the spin class was definitely a win!

Then, immediately after spin was over I did the 5K loop run on the treadmill.  It went really well!  I was both warmed up and pumped up from the spin class and flew through my run.  Double win!!  I then did a .2 mile cool down and called it a day.  I am thinking that I could just do this workout plan every Thursday for awhile.  If I continue to do my long runs on Monday or Tuesday, then take Wednesday as my rest day, that Thursday would be a great way to jump back into it.

Today, the plan is to head over to the gym to get some upper body/core workout in and hopefully to get a run in a bit later today.  I want to hold off for when it gets to about 50 degrees out, as I can run in shorts then!! 🙂

Happy Friday!!


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