Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Valentines and a long run!!

on February 15, 2012

Hello!  Well, I am doing my valentines day and today updates!


2/14 – 8.01 mile run – 11:42 pace – 0.25 mile cool down

2/14 – 2.5 mile dog walk

2/15 – 1 hour gym workout – 10 min warmup – 40 min upper body/core – 10 min stretch

2/15 – 2.5 mile dog walk

So, basically the workouts have been going great!  I was thrilled to get in my long run on Tuesday and even threw in a nice super-pinktastic (technical term) outfit to support the holiday! 

In addition to an amazing pink outfit, I had a great package of sour patch kids to bring along as a snack during my run!!  This was courtesy of

and her valentines day swap!!  I received a wonderful package of delicious:

And lets just say that pretty much all of those packages have already been opened in the above photo!!  Sooo, these delicious goodies:

came along for the long run!!

Then, the boyfriend and I had a lovely valentines dinner at home and an all around enjoyable evening. Oh, and did I mention, I made delicious cupcakes.  I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with cupcakes!  So, that is about all for valentines day.

Today, my workout went really well, and I even managed to get signed up for a spin class tomorrow morning at the gym.  I have never been to a spin class but I am pretty excited about it.   And, to make it even better, my favorite class instructor is running it!  Yay!!  So, the plan is spin, then do the 5K workout on the treadmill after a little break in between.  Hopefully that will work out okay, I am a bit nervous that I may have to save my run for later in the day as I am pretty sure spin will be quite challenging.  Other than that I have been thinking I want to get back to the pushup challenge that I started but never finished.  It is supposed to work you up to 100 pushups.  That, and the 200 situp challenge.  Neither one takes very much time out of the day so I think I can manage to fit those back into my schedule.

Enjoy the day!!!


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