Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Speed Intervals to save the day

on February 13, 2012

So, I didn’t do ANY workouts this weekend.  I went for a long walk on Saturday and that was about it.  No long run that I had planned and no strength training.  Then, today, I felt crappy.  And I proceeded to pout and lay around until I finally decided that I absolutely had to get my butt to the gym and run.  Speed interverals.  Hello runners high!!  I read on another blog that sweating it out just works.  So, even though I didn’t get enough sleep and took crappy care of myself this weekend I went and did a 5k worth of speed intervals.  I did 8:20’s for the speedy parts and I felt challenged and good.  And, though I still feel crappy I am glad I went because at least for awhile I felt awesome.

I’ve noticed that I have been having trouble getting in my long runs on the weekends.  Or really any runs, it’s as if all my motivation goes right out the window.  So, to counter that I have decided to try to get my long runs in during the weekdays.  Tomorrow morning I will attempt the long run I have been putting off forever.  I keep psyching myself out about it and I have no idea why.  So, I am going to get everything ready tonight, eat a nice carbolicious healthy dinner and in the morning go for it.  I will of course be bundled up like crazy but I need to just do this!!!!  Wish me luck!!



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