Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Hello, well, I …

on February 11, 2012

Hello, well, I got in that 3 miles at the gym on Friday.  And then threw in a 3 mile walk that evening!  I am pretty happy with that.  I was considering my long run today but I chickened out at the thought of the frosty weather.  I did do the 3 mile walk though and it was super snowy when I did!  Of course none of it is sticking but it was blizzard conditions for the walk.  At the time I was kinda wishing that I had decided to do my run as it was pretty magical out there in the snowiness.  Oh well, I will get in that long run tomorrow! 

The new route that I found running from my house into the park I like to go run at is wayyyy hillier that what I typically run on and I think that is a really good thing.  I know it will help me build up those hill muscles and hopefully in no time I will be able to run all the way up the ridiculously long steep hill at the beginning of the final mile. 

I am going to relax and watch some tv.  I know, exciting Saturday night right???  What can I say, I am not the most exciting gal in the world!  😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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