Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Happy February!!

on February 1, 2012

I guess I will start with my workout updates:

Monday-Nothing, day off.

Tuesday-1 hour strength/cross training

6 mile run/10:48 pace

3 mile walk

So, Monday wasn’t great, I had big plans (okay mostly just to workout), and didn’t get much done except for some housework.  Honestly, I felt crappy, overtired and my quad and hip were still being obnoxious.

Then came Tuesday.  The 60 degree weather+me feeling better and well-rested=awesome workouts!!  My plan for Tuesday was to just go on a short and slow run to test out how my hip and quad were feeling, I was thinking about 3 miles would be good.  Then, around 9 while waiting for the temp to get up to 50 I decided I needed to do some strength training and did an hours worth!  It felt great!  Then, by 11 I was out the door in some beautiful weather for my run.  My quad still felt a little off but seemed to be working itself out as I ran.  Oh, and did I mention it was almost 60 degrees out at that point?!  On the last day of January!!!  Holy cow!

Me in shorts!!!

So, there is my sideways photo of me in shorts ready to go on my run!  In case you didn’t notice I am super-excited to be able to even consider going outside in shorts.  To continue, my original plan for a nice short slow run flew right out the window as I passed the turnaround point for 3 miles, then 4 miles, then 5 miles and finally I got to the end of the trail and decided it would be okay to turn around.  My speed was a little slow so at least I kept to that part of the plan and I really felt great afterword.  And, I even managed to do extra stretches.  I am very happy with my workout for yesterday and the long run that I didn’t end up getting in on the weekend I got in yesterday. (I was scheduled for a 6 mile on Sunday).

Later in the afternoon, after the boyfriend got out of work, we went on a nice 3 mile walk with the dog to finish out the day.  Between the nice weather and the great feeling from all of that exercise it was a wonderful day.  What a great way to end January!!!



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