Running, working out and eating my way to my next marathon!!

Mid-January, 50 degrees, Run in Shorts, NBD….

on January 24, 2012

Hello!  I cannot believe that it is sooo warm out today!  It is mid-January and I ran outside in shorts!  It was sunny, it was NOT cold!!!!  Oh, I wish it could be this nice every day.  If ever anyone were to ask me what my perfect running conditions are this would be it!

Stats for Today:

Run: 4.0 miles

Time: 39:03

Pace:  9:46

Holy Cow!  I ran an easy training run in under 10 min/mile pace.  Heck, I ran outside, with no treadmill to pace me in under 11 min/mile pace.  I am beyond happy about this!!  My training runs for my last half were typically around an 11 min/mile pace and 12 min/mile pace for the long runs.  That is such a huge improvement and I have only been training again for about a week and a half now!  I guess that speed work and tempo training is already starting to pay off.

Well, that is it for my workout today, it is my off day for weights and core strength and I am so happy with my run I think I will just be giddy the rest of the day!!  Woo-hoo for an outdoor run, take that crappy treadmill!!

Stacey 🙂



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