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Long Walks and Crazy Dogs

on January 24, 2012

So, my boyfriend and I go on hour long walks with the dogs at least 5 days a week, (we try to do every day but its not always possible) and so we went on our usual trek today.  Its great exercise and the dogs LOVE it!  Plus, on such a beautiful weather day who wouldn’t want to be out for a nice walk.

Well, the problem being that for about the third time in this neighborhood a random dog has run up and started attacking our dogs.  Now, our dogs are very friendly so you would think this would be unusual.  But, for some reason people in the neighborhood seem to think that it is fine for their dogs to be off-leash.  I wouldn’t mind this if their dogs came to them when they called but they don’t!  Let me tell you it is pretty scary when a random dog is attacking the dogs you are holding onto.

And to make all this even more aggravating, the owner of the dog didn’t come out of her yard to try to get the dog and when the dog finally went home to her she didn’t even bother to come see if everyone was okay.  RUDE!!  I guess my message is, put your dog on a leash unless it is very obedient to voice command!

So, now that the venting is out of the way, that adds in an hour walk to my workout regime today!

Tonight, an Indian dish for dinner, consisting of an Eggplant curry base and Mediterranean style couscous!!



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